About Us

The Cathedral of Love Christian Preschool & Academy includes 18 months to Kindergarten and is a quality learning center, licensed by the state of New Jersey. Our school is noted for its warmth and love as well as academics.
Our goal is to develop Godly principles and Christian character in each of our students. It is our endeavor to make Christian education available to the entire community, in a safe and wholesome atmosphere. Each child is encouraged to set high goals for themselves. Our teachers are dedicated educators and are committed to Christian education and excellence. The curriculum choice of COLCA is the renowned ABEKA Curriculum (a ministry of the Pensacola Christian College). ABEKA surpasses the average curriculum due to its advanced academics and strong spiritual emphasis.
The philosophy of the Cathedral of Love Christian Academy believes every child has a right to be nurtured in an environment that will help each child develop as a total individual.
Our goal is to introduce Godly principles and to encourage the development of all gifts, talents and creative abilities of each individual child. Each child will be given the opportunity at their own pace to develop and express a healthy self-image and cultural awareness.
We believe that in an environment of love, concern, learning, socialization and respect, children can begin a positive and real life experience. They can be given a foundation in spirituality, moral strength and compassion which will last throughout their lives. We know that early childhood training can be successful. With God's guidance, parents and teachers working cooperatively together, we can achieve that goal - success!