Our Programs

The Christian Education Program we follow at Cathedral of Love Pre-School is the Abeka Curriculum as this is one of the most well planned biblical courses available today. We keep a track of the daily progress of our pupil with day-by-day recording. The program is well prepared, orderly, and sequential. We greatly emphasize and encourage on daily completion of work sheets.

We at Cathedral of Love Pre-School believe in parent teacher partnership. Parents play a very important role in helping us guide the little ones in the right direction. Many parent involved activities at school keep us together in developing these precious little ones.

The process of learning is through discovery, trial, fun, initiative, and hands-on experiences. We never limit the kids with strict right and wrong attitude. The development of positive skills to guide the child in the right way is our mission.

Our aim is to develop social, emotional, physical, and intellectual capabilities in the children. This will help them with all the intellectual abilities they require later in their progress through life. The child is given plenty of opportunities to explore the world around. And, we encourage learning mostly through play.

Each age is a new level of learning. The children learn about music, drama, languages, counting, insects, animals, and places. Cultural diversity, development of motor skills, respect for each other, and emotional balance are all stressed upon depending on which level the children are in. Learning is individual based though children in a particular level have a defined set of goals on which they are being developed.

Motivation, enthusiasm, and participation are other aspects of the personality of a child where we put in emphasis. We encourage imagination building through creative games, ingenious writing, creative craft, and inventive drawing.

Consistency is emphasised in our delivery of developmental techniques. The guides and facilitators are highly trained and experienced about child developmental needs. They have vast experience toward guiding children to positive discipline.

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