2 Year Olds

At Cathedral of Love Pre-School we follow the Abeka Curriculum which is well controlled and based on biblical ideas. We take care of every kid and carefully monitor their progress on a daily basis. The program plan we have developed is well prearranged, methodical, and sequential. The children are given worksheets to complete with which they learn shouldering responsibilities.

The two year olds have better attention and memory. As a result the content of the activities also grow considerably. This is the age when they are learning to speak and must develop language skills. We care for them and stress on developing positive attitude in them.

Now they may be in a position to take potty training. They may be interested in using the potty. This is encouraged as a group activity between parents and the facilitators at this level. The children are encouraged to sit on the potty. They are encouraged to wipe themselves, flush the toilet, wash their hands with soap, and feel more confident.

The children are encouraged to eat solid food along with drinking milk. This is to ensure healthy teeth and bones. They play both indoors and outdoors. They love spending time with building blocks, craft work, clay, drawing, coloring, and painting.

Peer co-operation and turn taking skills have to be developed. The children are assessed on certain guidelines provided by the NAEYC standards for that level.

In this level the two-year-olds learn about colors, shapes, following directions/instructions, and develop eye-hand coordination. Delightful opportunities are given to enjoy art as the children develop motor skills. Varieties of projects are done to introduce young children to the basic art and craft concepts, which correlate with the seasons, and holidays. Children love to glue pieces of paper or some pictures on to a sheet. This helps in eye-hand co-ordination. They are taught little poems to develop language skills, improve memory, and encourage a fun filled way of learning. Tracing, cutting, and bible teaching are all initiated.

All these ensure they come up as an individual with overall physical and emotional development.