3 Year Olds

We diligently follow Abeka Curriculum at Cathedral of Love Pre-School that defines what is to be taught to the delicate three year olds. The course is biblical and the curriculum is well thought out. Daily progress is recorded to be sent home for the parents. The program is spontaneous, logical, and sequential. Children are encouraged to complete worksheets that inculcate a sense of responsibility in them.

In this age we slowly introduce activities for developing reading and writing skills. Now, they also learn to exercise their free will to choose and learn at their own pace and develop as different individuals. Strengths and weaknesses are recorded in the journal and continuously worked upon for steady improvement.

Improvements in all areas are noticed and encouraged. We work relentlessly on developing structured, school like environment for the best result. Group activities, group learning, learning through the use of a computer, and use of alphabets and numbers to encourage learning are applied. Minds and bodies are growing for the children and this is evaluated at this level as per the guidelines from the NAEYC standards.

Children are encouraged to learn letters and sounds and learn numbers. Alphabet flash cards and language development cards are used. We organize art program as it helps in developing motor skills and imagination. Colorful engaging activities develop in the children various skills required as they grow up.

The little ones are very busy doing craft. Cutting, working with glue, and cutting shapes take much of their time. This also increases hand-eye co-ordination. Number & Skills with Button Bear, Arts & Crafts with Button Bear, Letters & Sounds N, and Learning Numbers Button Bear are some useful books that we use. Children love to trace pathways, do dot to dot, and color large, simple forms on the skill sheets. Three year olds are to do more number of sections in the language development manual. In this stage they are taught names, sounds, and formation of letters.