Computer Explorers

! Hands-on weekly 30-minute classes, four times
a month for children 2 ¾ and older. Low 4:1
student/teacher ratio!
! 3-year Curriculum-different peripherals & skills
each year. Learn to use a computer as well as
Digital Cameras, Robots, Digital Microscopes, Graphic Arts Tablets & Digital Movie Creators!
! Use technology to reinforce academic skills – technology can appeal to your child’s learning
! Classes focus on Reading, Math, Science, Art
& Music skills!
! Students will explore the “best of the best”
Internet learning activities with the facilitation of
a CE accredited teacher in eTOTS!
! First Steps in the World of Keyboarding-children will begin acquiring keyboarding skills!

! Children will increase self-confidence while
becoming a team player!
! Technology activities specially designed to
meet the evolving needs of a 2 ¾, 3, 4, and 5-
year-old child!
! Children will explore foreign languages and cultures while using various software titles!
! Comprehensive weekly and monthly parent E-communications!
! Microwords introduced each month to build
your child’s technology vocabulary and
strengthen language skills!
! Challenging activities while working with top-
rated software!
! Monthly tuition is $20!
Classes are held right at your child’s school!