5 Year Olds (K-5)

At Cathedral of Love Pre-School facilitators follow Abeka workbook curriculum. The idea now is to make the children ready for the proper school. They have to concentrate on reading and writing. Our well thought and structured curriculum makes them ready for school in a short while with better developed skills. We insist on developing higher level of concentration in the kids. We take utmost care to enhance hand-eye co-ordination, language skills, and number skills. They show great interest in art, music, and care and love for others.

The course at Cathedral of Love Pre-School is biblical and the curriculum is well articulated. Daily progress is recorded to be sent home for the parents. The programs are well planned, organized, and sequential in nature so that the kids start gradually accepting more responsibilities.

The children require extra practice in writing as they review their phonics sounds. Tracing exercises to teach the children how to draw and write correctly keep the children very busy. Poetry appreciation and coloring exercises are part of their curriculum. The facilitators concentrate on basic vowel sounds and go on to consonants, blends, words, and simple sentences. Reading habits are being inculcated in the children in this stage.

Some books recommended at this level include Abeka K5 Phonics, and Abeka Art 5. Now the children should be able to read small sentences containing one or two vowel words and special sounds. Children can recognize sentences by capital letters and periods. They are encouraged to do cursive writing. We also emphasize on correct letter formation in this stage. The little ones are able to count 1 to 100. They are also introduced to the concept of before and after number, largest and smallest number, and counting and writing by tens to 100. Concept of the days of the week is introduced. The map is read as a group activity and children are able to recognize some important places. Hymns, choruses, and memory verses help tell about Christianity to the little children. This leaves an enduring and long lasting influence in these young minds.