2 Year Olds

The Cathedral of Love Christian Academy & Pre-School
  • 2 Year Olds

    At Cathedral of Love Christian Pre-School, we successfully utilize the Abeka Bible Curriculum, where we present the Bible through storytelling from the Old and New Testaments and we incorporate the weekly Bible memory verse that accompanies the bible stories presented weekly. We also work with Creative Curriculum which enhances early childhood instruction through practical, developmentally appropriate lessons and materials.  This curriculum promotes life skills that our students will be able to utilize in school preparedness.
  • The two-year-olds learn about colors, shapes, following directions/instructions, peer co-operation and turn taking skills.

    The children learn language development skills through materials about animals, people, and places. We also incorporate poems and finger plays which encourages children to think and helps to strengthen their vocabulary, improve memory, and encourage a fun-filled way of learning.

    The children spend time with building blocks, craft work, drawing, coloring, and painting. Delightful opportunities are given to enjoy these activities as the children develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

  • The children play both indoors and outdoors. Choice time aids in decision-making, cooperation, and persistence, while outdoors helps to develop their large motor skills amongst other skills.

    The children are assisted and encouraged to start potty training. Families and teachers work, hand and hand in this endeavor.

    Work in all these areas helps to ensure that our children are developed biblically, physically and emotionally in all areas of their lives.

    • 2 Year Olds

      The two year olds have better attention and memory. As a result the content of the activities also grow considerably.

    • 3 Year Olds

      We diligently follow Abeka Curriculum at Cathedral of Love Christian Academy & Pre-School that defines what is to be taught to the delicate three year olds.

    • K-4

      Children are taught to recognize God and the basic concepts of Christianity.

    • K-5

      The programs are well planned, organized, and sequential in nature so that the kids start gradually accepting more responsibilities.