The Cathedral of Love Christian Academy & Pre-School
  • 4 Year Olds (K-4)

    At Cathedral of Love Christian Pre-School, we successfully utilize the Abeka Bible Curriculum, where we present the Bible through storytelling from the Old and New Testaments and we incorporate the weekly Bible memory verse that accompanies the bible stories presented weekly. We also work with Creative Curriculum which enhances early childhood instruction through practical, developmentally appropriate lessons and materials. This curriculum promotes life skills that our students will be able to utilize in school preparedness.
  • We at Cathedral of Love Christian Academy & Pre-School use Abeka Curriculum to emphasize on the Christianity aspect of teaching. Children are taught to recognize God and the basic concepts of Christianity. This helps beautifully in all-round social development of the child and helps the child to grow into a complete adult. Biblical teachings are encouraged too. Worksheets keep track of the child’s learning capabilities. The curriculum is very logical and well planned. In the four-year-old class, our focus is on the proficiency of skills in all disciplines. Here every strength and weakness of the child is observed. All aspects of the child’s growth are to be fine-tuned depending on the child’s individual learning curves. Reading and writing activities are taken up in a more structured manner to cope with their enthusiasm to learn more and see more. All activities whether drawing, music, poetry, and computers are more structured. The NAEYC standards set for four-year-olds are followed for teaching.

    Children are encouraged to read Button Bear, Amber Lamb, Katie Kitten, and their friends which make children learn to be kind, share, love God, tell the truth, obey, and extend help to others. Language Development cards used for the four-year-olds include science, health, safety, manners, community helpers, geography, history, family, colors, and shapes. Children listen and talk about God’s creation and the people and world around them. The facilitators are busy developing language and listening skills in the children.

  • At Cathedral of Love Christian Academy & Pre-School, we also use Preschool Fun Songs (N–K4) which contains over 50 songs. We have both traditional and newer songs that young children enjoy. We also use Preschool Poems and Finger Plays. We have a repository of nearly 128 poems and finger plays. Many of the traditional poems young children have heard for generations are in this book. For bible time we use Preschool Bible Songs that make the sessions interesting and enjoyable. There is recognition of God and Christianity in the curriculum. Just like Jesus loves all his people the children too are taught to be sensitive to all culturally diverse people.
    • 2 Year Olds

      The two year olds have better attention and memory. As a result the content of the activities also grow considerably.

    • 3 Year Olds

      We diligently follow Abeka Curriculum at Cathedral of Love Christian Academy & Pre-School that defines what is to be taught to the delicate three year olds.

    • K-4

      Children are taught to recognize God and the basic concepts of Christianity.

    • K-5

      The programs are well planned, organized, and sequential in nature so that the kids start gradually accepting more responsibilities.