The Cathedral of Love Christian Academy & Pre-School
  • Our Philosophy

    The Cathedral of Love Christian Academy is dedicated to giving its children a well rounded Christian Education. We believe that every child should be nurtured in an environment that will develop him/her socially, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and most important spiritually. Realizing that a child’s most rapid intellectual development takes place between the ages of birth and six years of age, we place a strong emphasis on “academics” and “character development.”
  • Our goal is to introduce Godly principles to children and to bring them into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ at an early age. We will strive to develop in each child a positive self-image and a strong awareness of their heritage. We believe that in an environment filled with love, nurture, and Christian values, our children will be able to excel both spiritually and academically. We know that good early childhood experiences with parents and teachers working together can achieve SUCCESS!

    • 2 Year Olds

      The two year olds have better attention and memory. As a result the content of the activities also grow considerably.

    • 3 Year Olds

      We diligently follow Abeka Curriculum at Cathedral of Love Christian Academy & Pre-School that defines what is to be taught to the delicate three year olds.

    • K-4

      Children are taught to recognize God and the basic concepts of Christianity.

    • K-5

      The programs are well planned, organized, and sequential in nature so that the kids start gradually accepting more responsibilities.