The Buzz

The Cathedral of Love Christian Academy & Pre-School
  • THE BUZZ around town

    All around town there is much happening to encourage pre-school children. These activities are designed to keep the little ones busy, growing, developing, and smiling. Development of literacy, numeric skills, language articulation, and artistic skills are mainly focused with well thought of plans and curriculums.

    We request you to take some effort to find out more about reading circles in your area. You may ask around, find out at church halls, at libraries, or look into the local newspaper. Developing positive reading habits in children will go a long way in helping them to explore the unknown. Reading is the basic requirement for information gathering and with this they would also learn processing the information in their own ingenious ways.

    • 2 Year Olds

      The two year olds have better attention and memory. As a result the content of the activities also grow considerably.

    • 3 Year Olds

      We diligently follow Abeka Curriculum at Cathedral of Love Christian Academy & Pre-School that defines what is to be taught to the delicate three year olds.

    • K-4

      Children are taught to recognize God and the basic concepts of Christianity.

    • K-5

      The programs are well planned, organized, and sequential in nature so that the kids start gradually accepting more responsibilities.