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Parent's Corner





Parents Responsibilities

The Cathedral of Love Christian School has high regard for the parents of our Preschoolers. Your involvement in the 24 program is very necessary and plays a vital part in our daily operations. We encourage you to visit our Center and participate in designated activities. Volunteers are welcome! However, we observe a mandatory (2x per year) participation requirement of our parents. The most important way that you as parents can become involved in your child’s learning, is to show an interest in what your child is doing.

Parents and Guardians picking up and dropping-off students must park in designated parking lot spots as the front of the school building is considered a Fire/Bus Zone and should not be blocked by unauthorized vehicles. Failure to uphold this policy will result in a ticketing fee of $5.00 or more to be enforced by the COLCA administration. Please follow the posted signs. Our parking lot is under video surveillance.

Late pickup affects staff personal time. If you are late picking your child up from the center, a $1.00 late fee for every minute (up to $25.00) will be charged. All subsequent late pick-up charges/fees have no capped amount. Payments must be paid at the time of pick-up to the supervisor on-site. If your child remains at the center 60 minutes past 6:00 pm, COLCA may contact social services to notify them of possible abandonment.

Any child dropped off after 8:30 am but before 9:30 am without a written doctor’s note and/or having previously informed the school of said tardiness will be subject to a late fee of $25. This late fee must be paid before the end of the business day or your child will not be admitted into the center the following day. Children will not be admitted into the building at all after 9:30 am without excused tardiness.

Daily admission to the center requires the completion of our sign-in process via the front desk kiosk. All parents and designated guardians are also required to sign their child in and out each day. If you leave your child without them having been accepted officially (via the sign-in kiosk & by their teacher) COLCA will recognize this as an abandonment of the child and will contact social services. No child can be released to any person other than their parent and/or an authorized designee without verbal or written permission from the parent or designated guardian. Parents have the right to designate as many authorized pick-up persons as desired. An official photo ID of said individual is required before the child can be released by the center. Parents should inform the center at least one (1) day in advance of any changes in pick-up/drop-off personnel.

Children will not be released to siblings or other children under the age of sixteen.

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