Our toddlers are so eager to learn how to be “big-kids” (ie—preschoolers.) Their day consist of daily circle time, arts & crafts, stories, songs, dancing, gym time, & lots of POTTY TRAINING!!! Our teachers are working with the children every day in learning their basics, such as, their abc’s and 123’s. With focus on improving their small and large motor skills such as holding objects correctly, walking, and eating we also practice basic hygiene i.e. hand-washing, nose blowing, utensil use and dressing. As potty training is an important life skill essential to developing independence, our teachers are here to partner with you and your child in this task. Our toddler class is highly sought after and once families start their little ones off with us, they are excited to continue with our program throughout their child’s early years.


Our Preschool 3’s have brains like little sponges. The teachers focus on enhancing each child’s confidence and independence by providing activities to help them become problem solvers and enthusiastic learners. We work on the development of fine motor skills such as cutting, and writing with a pencil. We practice social skills and inter-action. The children learn how to take turns, wait in line, serve their table and lend a helping hand, and Oh, Yes, we work on manners! We definitely emphasize more than just “Please” and “Thank You,” throughout the day. The 3’s participate in daily circle time where the children learn through the use of stories, songs, study. Choice time gives them the opportunity to grow through enjoying games, crafts, blocks and dramatic play


Our Preschool 4’s are so ready to learn, that at this age, we provide a more structured schedule. We focus on school readiness, covering a variety of domains. Our curriculum of choice is ABEKA! It is a Christian based curriculum that encourages the use of letter sounds to teach reading. The fours will develop pre-reading skills through phonics as well as pre-writing skills using this curriculum. They will practice math skills such as patterning, one to one correspondence, shape recognition and number recognition. Interaction with the teacher and other students will provide teachable moments for social skills such as sharing, kindness, responsibility, patience and respect. We will work on good manners and appropriate interactions with others as well as personal self-control. The goal of the four year old program is to have your child develop the skills needed to enter Kindergarten and to unfold their desire to be a life long learner. Kindergarten at COLC Academy is a wonderful opportunity to introduce your child to the primary school years in a smaller, more unique setting. Small class sizes allow for individualized instruction and a curriculum that is tailored to your child’s needs. School is structured to run like a typical kindergarten classroom, it is NOT another year of preschool. Through this phonetic reading program, students learn to recognize the letters and sounds of the alphabet and begin reading by January! They also develop writing and arithmetic skills, learning to count by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s to 100 and other arithmetic processes. The culmination of the K5 year is a formal graduation ceremony in June, complete with cap, tassel, and gown. ABEKA Curriculum, the best in Christian Academics for ages 2-5.


Our extended care program is built to help your child continue growing and developing post school hours. Students 1st thru 6th grade are given an hour each day to complete homework assignments. Our enrichment time is theme based and activities encourage community service, positive character development and hands-on learning. During half days, students may extend their learning through field trips or cultural events. We believe that a holistic approach to after school care is essential to the proper development of our students as they move forward in their learning. That’s why the COLCA Extended Care Enrichment Program: Courage Club is theme-based with activities designed to encourage community service, character growth, self-development/ awareness and handson learning experiences. During half-days students may extend their learning through field trips and or cultural events. Through a robust program focusing on Emotional & Social Learning, Academic Assistance, Career Exploration and Civic Engagement, your child will have a place to curate their passions and continue in their learning.




Our summer session is an extension of our programs offered throughout the academic year. With more field trips, water play and adventure, COLCA Summer sessions are filled with fun, laughs and learning. We focus on development through play as they grow with social interaction and discovery.


Curriculum of Choice

CREATIVE Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum approach to education is a hands- on, play-based approach. Students are engaged in age- appropriate activities that enable them to use their imagination and curiosity to learn about the world around them. With the insight of the teachers, learning experiences are extended to increase vocabulary, math concepts, and the way these things impact their lives. Discussions ad- dress content in literacy, math, science social studies, the arts, and technology.

ABEKA Curriculum

The ABEKA Book approach to Christian Education keeps learning lively, interesting, and memorable. Our materials reflect sensible theory that is firmly anchored to practicality, developed as a result of over thirty years of actual classroom experience in one of America’s largest and most respected Christian Day Schools. ABEKA is a phonics- based curriculum that also touches on math concepts, writing, language arts, social studies, and science. It starts each child’s day off with prayer and bible study which teaches our students about how great our God is.

Hours Of Operation

The academic building will be open for operation Monday through Friday from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm. (exceptions to this schedule will be during Holiday closings or in the case of inclement weather). Our Kindergarten and Preschool program hours are from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Extended care hours are available for our students. This includes care between the hours of 6:30 am-8:30 am and 3:30 pm-6:00 pm. There is an additional fee for extended care, as well as an enrollment form